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  1. haha damn she ate shit mann

  2. hahaha that shit was funny .. worst fall ever .. most artists trip but she hella flipped

  3. This is GREAT!!!
    at the end of her song and after she fell she told the crowd this “Please don’t put this on YouTube” well looks like it’s too late now .

  4. Fantastic!

  5. see kids? this is why you shouldnt wear high heels while you’re walking down the stairs!

  6. Only a person possessed on stage can fall and flip dowm the stairs then get up and dance like nothing happened. um hum think about it.

  7. she tumbled down the steps ! lmao ! she lucky one of her tracks didnt come out

  8. OMG!


  10. u gotta give her credits for getting wright back up after that front flip and she acted like nothing happend hahaha

  11. well at least she got back up and kept going…

  12. Fell down the steps yet got up and kept going harder like nothing ever happened…gotta Love that Beyonce

  13. she tryed playing it off by shaking her head lol i love beyonce

  14. nice to see she continued, most ppl would ahve just been pissed and walked off the stage.

    ohh, what’s the song she is singing ??

  15. @TheMajin7 NaTTTTTTTTT !!!

  16. LMFAO! That’s for beeing such an overrated musician.

  17. @36Denis and im sure she knows you’re in this world right? i plan on keeping it that way.

  18. @s0undgarden Hater!

  19. @s0undgarden sure she hates you too!!! to bad she does not
    know you even living in this world…

  20. i hate this bitch

  21. oops. it happens

  22. Dang, how embarrassing :O

  23. ahahaha that got to hurt, butt down face down thats the way we like to fall lol

  24. hahahaha failed 😀

  25. oh shit, i hope beyonce haven’t got much pijn.
    Nobody sucks with beyonce, those things happends.

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